Episode 4: Valentine’s or Galentine’s?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our listeners!

Whether you’re spending this day of love with your significant other, with your group of friends, or all by yourself, may you feel all the love today! <3

In this week’s episode, we’re talking all things Valentine’s Day! From bad Valentine’s dates to going solo and spoiling yourself, to some awesome movie recommendations for you to enjoy. We also share our thoughts on these perfect Instagram couples that give us major Valentine’s envy, and why we call bullshit on it!

So pour yourself a glass of wine, grab some of that Valentine’s chocolates, and join our conversation!

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on our topic of discussion. Share the love (and opinions) on all our socials. We always love having a little online discussion with you!


We talked about the importance of knowing your own and your partner’s love language. If you have no idea what it is, here’s the link so you can check it out for yourself >> Love Language Test!

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