Episode 5: S.E.X Baby!

In this week’s episode, we’re getting down and dirty! We’re shamelessly oversharing as sister-besties do. That’s right! We’re talking about SEX baby!

Both Diodi and Ilona love talking about sex, as it’s always been seen as this very taboo thing to talk about, but is in fact incredibly interesting.

Since last week was Valentine’s day and we’re pretty sure a lot of you shared the love, we’re sharing our thoughts and opinions on sex. From kinks, to turn offs, to personal preferences and being shamed for liking certain things in bed. We cover it all.

Ilona also shares how she got to a point where she’s more comfortable being naked in front of the mirror than she is in clothes, and how this impacts her sexual relationships.

Get ready to blush, giggle and overshare with us! And as always we appreciate all your thoughts, comments and opinions over on our social media.

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