Episode 9: Lockdown Survival Guide

For our fellow South Africans out there: Welcome to lockdown Day one. How many of us are feeling bored already? 🙋 Same girl, same!

That’s exactly why we decided to do a little lockdown survival guide this week on Sjuut. If you’re stuck on ideas to keep yourself, your S/O or your kiddies busy, Diodi and Ilona have a couple of ideas to share with you.

Whether you want to take this time for self-improvement, to deepen the bond with your family and loved ones, or if you’re just trying to survive this crazy time, there’s something for everyone in this little lockdown survival guide.


Instagrammers that’ll keep you entertained:

  • Mark Kanemura – @mkik808 (For an amazing dance party experience)
  • Miley Cyrus @mileycyrus (She has her own Insta show “Bright Minded with Miley”)

Harry Potter Virtual Escape Room >> click here

Spend time learning a new skill or hobby:

Make a Penpal >> click here

Take care of yourself and your mental health! Stay in touch with your feelings and really make sure to make time for your own wellbeing.

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