Episode 18: The Big-O!

Ooooh baby!

We’re getting steamy on this week’s episode of Sjuut.

This episode is all about orgasms baby! More specifically the elusive female orgasm.

We discuss how to get an orgasm, how it feels, and how it can effect your relationship if you can’t orgasm at all.

This is definitely a topic that we as women don’t discuss nearly enough! So please feel free to join in on our conversation right here, or on any of our social media platforms!


We mention an amazing Website/app that explains orgasms perfectly. They also have some tips and tricks to help you reach orgasm with your partner or all by yourself: OMGYess: The Science of Women’s Pleasure

We’d love to have your input on this topic and get a really good conversation going. Join us on our Sjuut Facebook Group (it’s a private group, so it’s a very safe, welcoming and fun space)

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